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Insidea thorough explanation of my Twinkling Brand Playdate service for websites – the process, what's included, and how you'll know if this website optimization session is right for you

You look at your website, and it's not quite how you want it to be. I mean, it's pretty, and you like the colors, so it's not that.

But you're not getting any sales. Or you get a few here and there, but you feel like the website is not getting people to “buy now.”

It would really help if you could get a fresh set of eyes on it and some guidance on how to…

  • attract your ideal clients
  • structure your website for more engagement, and
  • create a more satisfying user experience for your visitors.

That's where my Twinkling Brand Playdate service comes in. 😁

What you can expect from our Playdate

My original write-up for this service was pretty simple. You can see it in the screenshot below.

Screenshot of the original Strategy Playdate description

But what is it really like when you book a Twinkling Brand Playdate with me?

Before our session

The booking part is pretty straightforward. You pick a date and time that works for you – right there on the service page.

Then you'll give me some basic info about you – your name, your email, and your website URL.

The next three questions are about your business and your website – what you call yourself when people ask what you do, what you love about your current website, and what you dislike about it.

The last question asks how you found out about me. I ask it to get a better idea of where people are finding me and which happy clients are telling their friends about me.

Once you've picked a date and time and filled out the short form, click the Submit button. You'll see the invoice right away. Upon payment, the system will book your Playdate time slot into my calendar. Yay!

You'll get an email confirmation from me, with a Zoom link for our call. You'll also get a reminder the day before and another one a few hours before our call.

Behind the scenes, I'll be spending quite a bit of time on your website, clicking all the buttons (yep, I was that kid in the elevator pushing every. single. button. 😁 ) and doing a full assessment.

During the Playdate

We'll meet face-to-face on Zoom and after a brief exchange of pleasantries, we'll get down to business. The call usually lasts an hour, and I'll record it for later reference.

We'll start with the assessment, and I'll explain what I found and why it matters. This is part talking, part showing the relevant sections of your website so there can be quite a bit of screen sharing involved.

The assessment discussion is a good time for you to ask questions. I'll answer some as we go and save some for later in the Playdate.

Next, we'll talk about your business vision, dreams, and goals. This is where you do most of the talking. I just ask a few questions, listen, and take notes.

Then it's time for recommendations. I'll have a few jotted down already, based on my earlier assessment.

I'll add more based on everything you tell me about your business and your goals. At this point, they're not in any particular order, and we'll be chatting about some that I won't even jot down because the conversation is moving fast.

No worries, though, because…

After our session

I'll go through the recording and flesh out my notes, often adding images or screenshots in the Recommendations section to illustrate the words.

I'll put the recommendations in the order that makes the most sense for implementation. And if needed, I'll also organize them into phases.

You'll get an email from me within 48 hours of our Playdate. It will have my notes and recommendations, a link for you to download the recording of our call, and any relevant attachments.

I'll also ask you to give me feedback on our session so I can continue to improve the service for you and for others.

I'll follow up with you a week or so later to make sure you were able to get your recording and to see if you have any questions or need clarification on anything.

Is a Twinkling Brand Playdate the right fit for you?

So how do you know if this is the right service for you?

Definitely book this Playdate if you:

  • Are expanding your services or venturing into e-commerce
  • Have a website that's been unchanged for a few years and needs an overhaul
  • Need ideas to make your website more interesting and a good reflection of you
  • Seek clarity on how to make your homepage a good shop window for your business
  • Want ideas for structuring your website for maximum engagement and the most satisfying user experience
  • Are preparing for a rebrand or redesign

Do NOT book this service if you:

  • Already have a website that's perfect
  • Are not open to suggestions for improvement
  • Feel the need to constantly defend your previous choices

What's included in a Playdate for websites

You'll get a full website assessment from the point of view of a new visitor – appearance, ease of use, mobile optimization, etc. – plus a few bits from a developer's point of view, like page speed and structure.

A Zoom call where we go over the assessment and where you tell me all about your business vision and dreams so we're on the same page and I can tailor the recommendations to accomplish your goals.

Recommendations for improvements to your website in the order they make the most sense, so you get the biggest bang for your time and effort. When appropriate, recommendations are organized into phases.

A recording of our call so you can download it for future reference, my notes and (often illustrated) recommendations in your inbox, and any other relevant files.

What's not included

The Playdate doesn't include an assessment of your website's backend, so I won't be requesting credentials to log into it.

It also doesn't include any brand assessment on social media. That's part of the Playdate for branding and needs to be booked separately.

How much is a Twinkling Brand Playdate session?

The Strategy Playdate is currently priced at $400 and will be going up next year.

“I wanted specific advice!”

“I love that Alex was so specific on what exactly to change and where on the website.

I felt like I finally found someone who was able to help me turn my website from services to e-commerce, and I love how easy and quick it was to sit down and chat about it.”
Maricela Robles
Meditation Fairy

Ready to get your own game plan for optimizing your website?

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