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A totally new post so I can test out the changes in WordPress 5.4. So far, it doesn't look much different. The documentation says something about gradient being an option for the cover block. So let's see it in action.

Very cool. There are some pre-made gradients for people who just want one click and done. But they are all customizable. Each preset gradient shows the color stops and each of those color stops can be switched to a custom color.

This gradient is set to linear, angle 0, color stops are #EEEA6D and #4E7600, with opacity is set 100% so you can't see the picture behind it. But you get a better sense of the actual colors in the gradient.

Also, you get a choice of linear or radial gradient, and if you choose the linear option, you'll also be able to specify its angle. Very neat! Let's look at what happens when we change the angle, leaving everything else the same.

This is the same gradient as above but with opacity set to 80% so you can see the picture behind it.

This is the same gradient and opacity, but the angle is set to 90.

Same gradient and opacity, but the angle is set to 180.

You guessed it, same gradient and opacity, but the angle is now 270.

And you don't have to stick with multiples of 90 for the angle setting. The control for it is a circle with a dot you can move wherever you like. And now let's look at the radial setting.

Same gradient and opacity, but the type is set to radial.

And in case you wanted to see the radial gradient completely opaque, here you go.

And now let's look at a combination of blocks.

Linear gradient with opacity set to 100. Cover block set to full width. Below this paragraph is a group block set to wide width (not full), with uneven columns in it.

Narrow column right here

Wide column is sitting right over here and I'm typing a longer sentence so that it's actually clear just how wide this column is.

Pretty cool, right? Have fun trying this out on your own website.

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