Calling all bloggers still using the Classic Editor

Ready to conquer the fear and actually get the blocks to work for you?

Stop dreading the Gutenberg interface and master this fabulous tool already!

Meet Tame the Blocks, the key to turning the block editor into your new favorite tool for creating beautiful and highly readable blog posts.

Tame the Blocks shown on a mockup of a desktop, two laptops, and an iPad

No need to feel intimidated anymore.
No need to feel scared.

It's time to get the block editor to work for you.

Does this sound familiar?

You're struggling to use the blocks and position images where you want them.

You're tired of tearing out your hair in frustration every time you want to change something on your blog.

Remember the time you clicked on something and the whole screen went white? Yeah, it wasn’t much fun waiting for tech support to help with that.

You’ve tried to Google but it’s “acting stupid”, offering you articles that have nothing to do with your issue.

Maybe you even read five minutes into an epic-length article, trying to find the answer to your question, but it was like reading a foreign language.

You feel like your blog is a total nightmare and that maybe investing in the blogging course was a bad idea.

I get it…

When I first laid eyes on the Gutenberg interface, I was like, huh? What just happened?

I wasn’t at all in the mood to learn a new thing so within minutes, I googled and installed a plugin that gave me back the classic editor.

And I used it for months. 

Until I decided to sit down and master this thing once and for all.

And now it’s so easy! Click here, click there, and it looks just the way it should. And I want to show you how you can do that too.

Alex standing on a path at Rock City Gardens


Tame the Blocks!

A workshop-style course for people frustrated with WordPress who just need it to do what they want.

Perfect for bloggers, small business owners, and anyone who regularly publishes content on WordPress.

Make your blog posts look fabulous.

This course should be mandatory!

“Along with showing you all the buttons and what they're for, Alex also helps us with many good practices to follow when creating content online.

I was not a complete newbie in the Gutenberg editor, but boy did I discover some cool new features and ways to customize my posts.

I'm still wondering if I'll ever put a rainbow paragraph in my blog, but I had a blast creating one!” 
Luis Cruz
No White Diamonds

What's in it for you?

You'll learn how to:

Start using the Gutenberg block interface – and say goodbye to that bloated slow-loading page builder

Create beautiful blog posts – hold the reader’s attention and increase time on page

Easily find your way around the settings – and stop tearing your hair out in frustration every time you want to change something

Tame the Blocks shown on a mockup of a desktop, two laptops, and an iPad

What's included

MODULE 1Meet the block editor

Set up your sandbox

In this module, we're covering the initial layout of the editor interface that you see when you first open it, which layout works best in specific situations, and how to adjust the layout so it helps your work flow easier.

Walk away with:

  • Knowing your way around the editor interface
  • Easy way to find the right settings
  • Editor layout adjusted to your own preferences

MODULE 2 – Change the settings

Play with the sand

You can't build sand castles without the basics so in this module, we'll tackle the six essential blocks used in blog posts. We're covering all their settings, where to find them, how to change them, and how to switch blocks from one type to another after the fact.

Walk away with:

  • Knowing where to find specific block settings
  • Understanding what you can change and how
  • Your very own rainbow paragraph (so fun!)

MODULE 3 – Let the combos begin

Build that sand castle

If you thought Module 2 was fun, just wait to start Module 3. We're covering wonderful block combinations that will make your blog posts gorgeous, readable, and clickable. Everything from columns, buttons, and the super special block that helps you get subscribers and buyers – it's all happening in this module.

Walk away with:

  • Enviable designs using multiple blocks
  • Reusable block(s) for your freebie(s)
  • Feeling like the block editor is your new BFF

plus bonus!

For a limited time:
On-demand office hours on Zoom monthly – so you can get your questions answered live and screenshare as needed.

All this for just $47.


I want you to be happy so if you hate the course and haven’t learned anything from it, just let me know within 7 days and I’ll offer you a full refund.

Enroll today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good!

Take the full 7 days to explore the materials and ask me questions and THEN… make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t.

“If you're in any way intimidated/ think it's too hard to learn, Alex is absolutely the best person to walk you through it and help you understand everything you need to.” 
Kat Bird
Wandering Bird
“Alex teaches things in a very easy to follow style and breaks it down into bite size pieces that are easy to digest. I highly recommend her course if you've been on the fence about learning the blocks!”
Amanda DiNovo
Manda Panda Projects

Is this for you?


  • You enjoy writing and want to make your blog posts look good
  • You want to learn how to work with the WordPress blocks
  • You learn well by watching a video and practicing

Probably not…

  • You prefer to post video or audio content and don’t want to work with the blocks
  • You’re looking for someone to do it all for you
  • You need a written manual with lots of explanatory text

Frequently asked questions

It will be worth it if you actually work along with me. Don't just watch, practice!

Yes, I want you to be happy so if you hate the course and haven’t learned anything from it, just let me know within 7 days and I’ll offer you a full refund.

You can get through the whole course in in one fell swoop in about two hours. Or you can go through it in bite-sized pieces over a couple of days. Your choice.

You, my friend, are the very reason I made this course. I’ll walk you through each step on video so you can work along with me and see the changes right on your screen.

Yes. Page builders are not meant to be used for blog posts, anyway. In your Divi settings, make sure its editor is turned off for posts so you can access the native block editor.

You can ask questions in our twice a month Office Hours on Zoom. You can share your screen and show me exactly what’s going on so you’ll get a personalized answer.

It depends. As long as you have a self-hosted website with WordPress installed, you’re good to go.

“It is a wonderful and very informative course, you will learn a ton! I feel confident using Gutenberg now!”
Bethany Evans
“If you want to be a blogger and you don't know how to use Gutenberg then save yourself the trouble of hours of Googling and just take the course with Alex.”
Yolande Dugmore
Feathered Vine

Here's the truth…

The classic editor is on its way out.

Of course, you can keep your head in the sand… until the decision is taken out of your hands.

But it's much more empowering when you decide for your self to conquer the blocks once and for all.

So what are you waiting for?