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Designing a gem of a brand for a course creation specialist.

Mockup of Mike Gregga's FB business page shown on a desktop computer

Since I've begun employing my brand strategy, it comes out in everything: every post, every word, every graphic… and sales are up, up, up!!!

Mike Gregga

The challenge

Mike Gregga specializes in helping coaches and service providers with high-ticket offers create courses that fill their rosters with dream clients.

Mike decided to become my client when he realized that although he’d been building his business for a while, it was missing the foundational strategy, and he was ready to fix that.

I was very excited about the project because I’d been watching Mike grow for the past year and knew he wasn’t one to shrink from deep questions.

Even so, looking back, I had actually underestimated just how willing he was to dig deep and be vulnerable so we could get to all the answers.

Mike needed a solid brand strategy and a full brand identity design.

The approach

When Mike filled out the brand questionnaire (the homework all my clients do before we can get started), it was clear he’d given a lot of thought to his business already.

But there was a weak spot… and that was his competition.

Because Mike had only a vague idea of the competitive landscape around him, my initial challenge was to fill that gap with research.

My investigation revealed some surprising stuff, like the fact that there actually was someone providing a service similar to Mike’s, and in a similar format. Plus, of course, the usual menagerie of other options his audience could choose.

Mike was an absolute rockstar during the strategy sessions and gave me plenty of material to work with.

I combined it all with my research findings and synthesized it into one cohesive brand strategy. Not only was Mike impressed with it, he immediately started using the messaging framework I laid out for him.

Next up was the mood board. It shows the visual direction that expresses what his brand stands for: a light in the darkness, profound simplicity, power without intimidation, and Mike’s favorite part – queen for a day.

Mood board showing the simple, powerful, queen-for-a-day feel of the Mike Gregga brand

Mike loved the mood board and approved it right away so it was time to start logo exploration.

Although profound simplicity made it clear a sans-serif font would be involved, everything else in Mike’s brand strategy pointed to a serif font.

We needed the gravitas and timelessness the right serif font would bring.

I love playing with lots of fonts during logo exploration. Soon, I had a nice shortlist of possibilities that merited a closer look.

Screenshot showing potential contenders for logo font

The solution

For Mike’s logo, I chose Marion, a beautiful transitional serif typeface with a centuries-old flair and a timeless vibe.

The accompanying sans-serif would need to pair nicely with Marion, so I knew I was looking for a grotesque or gothic typeface. I chose Work Sans and used it for the tagline.

Because Mike’s logo is heavy on text, we don’t want to use the same fonts in his brand typography system. Instead, I chose Source Serif Pro and Source Sans Pro to complement the fonts in his logo.

Presentation tile showing the Mike Gregga logo, submark, color palette, and inspiration images

The overall look and feel is simple, but powerful.

  • The brown brings in seriousness and warmth, even as it represents the dark opacity of chaos.
  • The orange brings in confidence and friendly energy, and represents the shining light in the darkness.
  • The green brings in a sense of hope and prosperity, and is especially important to Mike personally as it represents the vibrancy of life.

The business card design continues the light in the darkness theme, with a not-so-obvious but important symbolic twist.

Front and back of Mike Gregga's business card

You see, Mike doesn’t just help his clients create courses. He aims to provide a Cinderella experience for them – making them feel like the belle of the ball during his VIP Day service.

When Mike hands you his business card, the front of it is plain. Like Cinderella before.

But turn it over, and wow! A diamond brilliantly shining on a subtly patterned background of elegant interlocking circles. That’s Cinderella after.

Pretty cool, right?

I wasn’t quite done after the business card, because although Mike is very active on Facebook, he didn’t have a Facebook page for his business.

I thought it would be interesting to mock up how it might look.

Mockup of Mike Gregga's FB business page shown on a desktop computer

Not too shabby, eh? I used a couple of backgrounds I’d created for Mike to provide a bit of color for the sides of the banner and put his favorite logo variation in the middle so it wouldn’t get cut off on mobile devices.

The client’s reaction

When I presented everything to Mike, together with his Brand Master Guide and Brand Style Guide, he was over the moon.

And… right away, he excitedly shared his new logo with everyone on Facebook.

Screenshot of Mike Gregga excitedly showing off his new logo on FB

It’s always incredibly gratifying to see my clients go from ‘meh’ to “I love it!” in just two short weeks. But Mike’s excitement and joy brought this to a whole new level.

Here’s (some of) what Mike had to say about his experience:

Working with you has literally supercharged my ability to articulate what I do, how I do it, the results it has, and how it makes my clients feel. The amount of clarity that working with you has provided has skyrocketed my confidence, which I know is going to translate to more success in sales calls.

Everything about my branding has deep, well-thought-out meaning now. Every color choice, every line in my logo, the font chosen, as well as the icon – it all has deep meaning. And I can articulate it for anyone who asks.

And just a few weeks later, Mike’s already seeing results:

Screenshot of Mike Gregga talking about his successful results

Ready to have this kind of fabulous experience?

Awesome! I have a whole page of information for you so check out my signature branding service to learn more about what all it entails.

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