Bamboo Productions Co. outdoor sign

The challenge

Bamboo Productions Co. is a boutique design agency that specializes in high-quality, Earth-friendly interiors for a balanced lifestyle. Bamboo Productions needs full brand identity design, business cards, a website, and a small box to use for their end-of-project client gift. 

The approach

As this is a personal project, I started with defining the company’s mission and what their ideal client might be looking for:  

Bamboo Productions Co.’s work appeals to eco-conscious clients looking for the perfect intersection of comfort, style, and sustainability.

Mood board showing the clean, natural, approachable, and balanced feel of the Bamboo Productions brand.

Once I had a few possible candidates for the color palette, it was time to check the color contrast and make sure the color combinations would be accessible (as defined by WCAG).

Satisfied that we’re in good shape colorwise, I turned my attention to the logo. In black and white, it was pleasing to the eye. And I knew with the right colors, it would be lovely.

The result

Presentation tile showing the Bamboo Productions Co. logo, submark, color palette, and typography selection.

The overall look and feel – clean, balanced, approachable, and natural. The colors are rooted in nature and timeless, while the typography reflects the brand's commitment to a clean and approachable aesthetic.

The business card design continues with the same clean look:

Front and back of the Bamboo Productions Co. business card.

For the website, I was initially planning on using the dark brown for a few sections, but after a few attempts to make it work without making the whole design too dark, I decided to keep the color for text and buttons only.

Homepage design for Bamboo Productions - with sections in white, light sand, and green (but not dark brown).

And last, but not least, packaging design. This being a pet project, I was free to imagine a small, but lovely parting gift Bamboo Productions Co. would give to their clients at the end of a project.

I decided to design a slide-out box with wrapping paper and a sticker for a lovely, but not wasteful unboxing experience:

Packaging design for Bamboo Productions Co.

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