Aerolite Consulting logo shown on a sign mockup

The challenge

Aerolite is a boutique consultancy offering business strategy services to small established corporations (up to $5 million in yearly revenue). Aerolite needs full brand identity design, business cards, letterhead, and a cover page for their proposals.

The approach

As this is a personal project intended to show off my design style, most of the usual brand strategy work is omitted. Instead, I started by defining the brand’s vibes and overall mission:

To help streamline business operations until your work feels light as air.

Mood board showing the calm, light, minimal, and polished feel of the Aerolite brand

The next step was to check color contrast for accessibility purposes. The darker warm gray from the initial mood board turned out to be too light to work on both the light gray and the light blue. 

Because low contrast can be problematic for readers with certain visual impairments, I added a much darker version of the gray to the mix.

Then it was time to create the logos. After working out the shapes and proportions in black and white, I added the brand colors, and the logo suite was done. 

For typography, I chose the Gabriel Sans family for its clean, minimalist look. The regular version work well for body text, bold for headings, and the condensed style for subheads. 

The result 

Presentation tile showing the Aerolite logo, submark, color palette, and typography selection

The overall feel is light and calm, without veering into the boring or drab territory. There is a sense of simplicity, appropriate for an agency that promises to streamline business processes.

Business card design continues in the same vein:

Front and back of the Aerolite business card

And last, but not least, are the letterhead and the cover for Aerolite's business project proposals:

Aerolite proposal cover and letterhead

If you like the style of this project, check out the rest of my portfolio. When you're ready to chat about your project, schedule your free consultation.

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