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The mission: your brand – infused with your personality and attractive to your dream clients.

Brand strategy & design

Signature Branding

This service blends a clear, solid strategy and your personality into a sparkling, totally-you brand you can’t wait to share with everyone.

  • Focused sprint through a crystal-clear system so you don’t have to deal with a drawn-out process or a bunch of extra stuff. 
  • Definite start and finish date so you can plan the rest of your life and business without worrying about delays.
  • I only work with one client at a time so you get my full attention, and we get it all done in two weeks.

Investment starts at $4,000.

Bamboo brand mockup on paper and laptop
Aerolite brand mockup on iPad

Mini intensive

Brand Diagnostic

Half-day VIP-style service that provides you with a step-by-step plan for polishing your brand presence to call in your dream clients. Perfect for you if:

  • Your branding feels off and you can’t quite put a finger on why.
  • You DIY’d your logo and other brand visuals, but you’re wondering if there are any glaring errors.
  • Your social media posts get very little engagement or your sales page isn’t bringing in sales.

Investment: $500

Pick my brain

Brand Insight Hour

In this face-to-face, friendly Zoom chat, you can ask me anything about your branding, offers, or website, and get my advice or help with troubleshooting.

Perfect if you have specific questions you want answered or a whole list of things that have stumped you lately.

Investment: $300

Nicolette Nelson brand mockup on iPad

Not sure which service to choose?

Let me help you! We can hop on Zoom (yep, totally free and no obligation), chat a bit, and based on what you tell me, I’ll help you pinpoint the best next step.

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