Open laptop with a newsletter sign-up form on the screen

Inside: learn how to strip the default Mailerlite form to the barest necessities so you can insert it in your own landing page

If you want to create landing pages on your own website, you want the simplest, barest sign-up form possible.

It's super easy with ConvertKit's Clare form, but what if you use Mailerlite? Their simple form looks like this:

Mailerlite form as it appears by default

Can you really use it in your landing page?

Of course you can! It's pretty easy, too. Let me show you how.

In the following pictures, you'll see I have edited the Subscribe button and added a name field. You can do this before or after stripping out the text block.

Step #1 – Hover

You'll want to hover (move your mouse) over the block that says “Newsletter”. You'll notice the edit pencil and the trashcan icons pop up in the upper right corner. Like so:

Mailerlite form screenshot showing where to hover

Step #2 – Delete

Click the trashcan icon to delete the text block. There will be a placeholder letting you know the content is hidden and won't show. If you mouse over it, you'll notice an eye icon in the middle – if you click it, the text block comes back.

This is what it looks like with the placeholder:

Mailerlite form screenshot showing text block content is hidden

Step #3 – preview

Take a quick look to make sure the form looks exactly how you want it. For now, my form looks like this:

Mailerlite screenshot - preview of the form

That's pretty close to what we need for a nice landing page although I would want to change the colors to match my brand before proceeding.

Final thoughts

And there you have it. Three simple steps to create a bare sign-up form in Mailerlite. You can then use it in a landing page or in a reusable block for a specific category related to that freebie.

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