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Inside: what branding is really all about (because it's not your logo or colors)

So often I hear from people that they keep rebranding and can't quite settle on anything for the long term. 

If that's you too, you need to know this: you're focusing on the wrong thing.

It's totally understandable because when most people think of branding, they're thinking colors, logos, and maybe social media templates.

I get it, those are the visible parts of branding.

But what many business owners don't realize is that those visible bits need to be built on a solid foundation of brand substance, positioning strategy, and communication strategy.

Then the visual elements are simply a graphic expression of the underlying foundation.

How branding works - what you see vs what it's really built on

Your logo is *not* your brand

And your colors and fonts aren't either.

They are the visual representation of all that your brand stands for. 

  • purpose
  • beliefs
  • vision
  • mission
  • values
  • positioning in the market
  • what makes you different
  • brand archetype
  • and more.

When you first started out in business, you probably didn't have all these things figured out. A lot of people don't. 

This is where the “DIY your brand in an hour” solutions came into play – logo, colors, fonts. And they worked reasonably well as a starting place.  

But if you've been in business for three years or more, you've likely outgrown that initial quick fix. And now it's time to rebuild your brand the right way – based on a solid strategy.

Signs you're ready for a rebrand

Not sure if you're there yet? Here are a few tell-tale symptoms to watch for:

  • you feel like your branding doesn't represent you anymore
  • you're embarrassed to give out your website address
  • your brand looks a lot like your competitors' brands
  • you're not attracting your dream clients
  • you keep changing your brand colors and fonts

If any (or all) of these describe you, it's time to create a solid brand strategy to underpin your brand visuals. 

Because the last thing you want to do is keep building on a weak or nonexistent foundation.

I can help you fix it. Interested? Book a (totally free) consultation call with me and let's chat.

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