Desktop mockup with brand archetypes arranged in a colorful circle

Inside: a short primer about brand archetypes – why you need them, how they help, and more.

Do your peeps know you? I don’t just mean your clients, but your wider audience – your subscribers, your friends and lurkers on social media, and the visitors Google sends to your website.

Do they get a good sense of who you are inside? Do you let them see the real you? 

If you said yes, yay! Congratulations and keep doing what you’re doing.

If you said no, you have a problem.

Brand archetypes to the rescue

See if you recognize yourself in any of these:

🌈  Are you an optimist all about simplicity like the Innocent

⛰  Adventurous and free like the Explorer?

🧠  A wise experimenter like the Sage?

👑  Refined and influential like the Ruler?

🔥  An undaunted revolutionary like the Outlaw?

✨  An insightful visionary like the Magician?

💕  Committed and passionate like the Lover?

🦸‍♀️  Determined and brave like the Hero?

😊  Everyone’s BFF like the Girl/Guy Next Door?

🤪  Hilarious and sassy like the Jester?

🎨  An innovative artisan like the Creator?

🤗  Or caring and empathetic like the Caregiver?

In branding, we use these 12 archetypes to tighten up the messaging and visuals

When you are the face of your brand, your brand archetype usually comes from within you. It’s a great way to keep your business aligned with your own values.

FAQ: Can we be multiple archetypes?


Think of the archetypes as innate, unconscious imprints or symbols common to all of humanity. They define traits and characteristics that we all have and use. (Thank you, Mr. Jung!)

That said, we tend to have one dominant type that’s present most of the time, and a secondary type that often comes out to play(My combo is Innocent/Creator.)

Archetypes help us relate and understand each other. 

In branding, we use them to instantly communicate the essence of the brand. Images and videos, colors and fonts, words and phrases – all combined, they present a cohesive concept that’s already instinctively familiar to everyone.

This ensures the right people are attracted to the brand and the rest are repelled or not interested.

Let’s take my archetype combo, for example:

The Innocent attracts people who want to simplify and feel optimistic, while the Creator attracts those who want to be inspired and see new ideas.

The doom-and-gloom people? They think I’m too Pollyanna-like and give me a wide berth. Works for me 😉

Back to you

Listen, you have to repel some people to make room for your dream clients.

So stop hiding behind a boring mishmash of Canva templates and vague quotes, and don’t be afraid to speak up. 

Let your personality show in everything you do. And trust that your vibe will attract the right people.

Stay tuned for a breakdown of each archetype.

Or if you want to put this into practice right away, let’s have a short coffee chat to see how I can help you.

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