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Inside: 5 surprising benefits of aligning your brand with who you are

Your brand is one of the most important assets your business has. With an online business, not tied to a physical location, one might even argue it’s the most important asset.

But so often, new business owners completely skip over developing their brand and dive headfirst into whatever they think will bring them money fast.

That leads to them waking up one day burned out and bone-tired, with a realization that the work zaps their energy and maybe this solo business thing isn’t really worth it after all.

Meanwhile, what we all really want is to help clients and get paid for it, right?

So how do you get clients who appreciate your expertise, energize you, and fill you with joy? Oh, and pay you well and on time too?

Well, it all starts with an aligned brand.

And that’s what this blog post is all about. But before we get into all the benefits, let’s first define the term.

What is an aligned brand?

For solopreneurs, an aligned brand is one that faithfully represents the owner and her vision for the business.

We all have that one business friend whose website and social media presence are so like her that you’d recognize her stuff anywhere.

It looks like her, it feels like her, it talks like her… because it *is* her.

Or rather, because it’s completely aligned with her.

It’s like you can see her personality, values, and ethics jumping off the screen, full of life, and ready to show you what she offers.

Is your brand like that? 

If so, congratulations! You are set up for success. Go forth and prosper!

If not, you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.

There are many solopreneurs in the same boat because the big online business gurus don’t bother to talk much about the importance of aligning your brand with who you are and what you want for your business.

So you end up with a brand that’s… rather slapdash. Some visuals that you kinda like but that need changes because they don’t really represent you.

Or maybe a logo kit you bought on Etsy and customized a bit, or a WordPress theme you spiffed up with a pop of color, and they’re both okay, but neither feels quite right.

And that might make you not want to share your website with anyone, lest they think less of you.

Or maybe, like some of my clients, you spend forever in Canva, tinkering with colors and fonts, and it still looks ‘meh.’

If that’s you, read through what to do before you change your brand colors again. And don’t forget to download the Brand Clarity Workbook to help you get on the right track.

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And now, let’s get back to why you started reading this article…

The surprising benefits of an aligned brand

Every business has a brand. 

Whether it’s well thought out or totally haphazard, doesn’t matter. Your brand is the totality of your reputation – from your clients’ experience to how your audience sees you to what your peers and others around you think of you.

Obviously, leaving your reputation to chance is reckless at best. 

And what about copying what others in your space are doing? Well, that’s counterproductive because then you lose what’s special about you.

But purposely aligning your business brand with who you are – that’s the best way to manage the reputation of your business. 

Because it comes from your heart. It looks and feels like you. And because it serves as an extension of you, it…


When your audience sees you doing your thing, time after time, delivering your message genuinely and consistently, they come to trust you.

Reliability is key to trust, and consistency is key to reliability.

As a solopreneur, the only message you can deliver consistently and reliably is one that comes from your heart.Anything else is sustainable only for a while.

That means aligning your business brand with who you are is absolutely crucial. 

And when you do that, it does something magical, specifically…


When you show up genuinely, not hiding behind a nondescript logo, people can’t help but respond to it. They want to be a part of it.

And so they engage with your social media posts, your blog articles or videos, and your emails. They might share them, save them, or reply to them, helping you spread (and fine-tune) your message.

If you have team members, your alignment with your business brand is a brilliant example for them to follow.

It’s how you build the ideal brand culture for your business.

But the benefits aren’t only external. In fact, aligning your brand with who you are… 


Partly because expressing and formulating your message is highly validating in itself, and partly because the positive response from others helps you feel heard.

We’re all here to do something, and no, it doesn’t involve slogging through the day at some mind-numbing job.

In fact, I’d argue that if it’s mind-numbing, it’s the wrong job for you. Or the wrong business.

Because doing what your soul is here to do is incredibly fulfilling and joyful.

And, of course, joy and faith go hand in hand. The more joy you get from your work, the more faith you have in it, which in turn brings you even more joy… more faith… you get the idea.

And when you have faith in your business, it makes it easy to…


You know how a lot of solopreneurs hide behind logos or slides, or just forgo showing up entirely? You never quite get a sense of their personality.

I find that the people who hide are generally business owners who don’t have a clear message.

If that describes your current situation, check out my signature branding package – it includes clarifying your message and much more.

With your message clear and your brand aligned, it’s easy to show up with your personality on full display, quirks and all.

Your personality is a total magnet for your dream clients.

It doesn’t matter what your family thinks or what they said to you years ago. (Or even yesterday. Truly, just shake it off and move on.)

What matters is that when you show your personality unabashedly, you attract the people you’re meant to work with. People who think you’re the bee’s knees.

Will you repel some people? Of course. That’s the point. Attract the dreamies and repel the nightmares.

Plus, letting your personality show helps you show up consistently, which builds trust, and in turn, increases engagement…

See how the benefits intertwine and build on each other?

But wait! There’s more. 😄 (Do they still run those TV infomercials?) An aligned brand also helps you…


And that’s really what good business is all about. No one needs a me-too product or service. People are looking for different.

So many new solopreneurs are mimicking what they see others in their space doing, trying to fit in.

And I get it – when you’re starting out, the others look like they know what they’re doing, and you want to look like that too.

But what if they have no idea? And what if they, too, just copied what they saw?

In a sea of sameness, the only differentiator is price – and that means a race to the bottom. Definitely the wrong way to go about setting up your business.

But your soul is unique. And when you align your brand with it, your prices won’t matter. Because your dream clients will only want to work with you.

There are, of course, other advantages an aligned brand can bring you. But in my experience, these five are the most wonderful because they intertwine and reinforce one another:

  • building your audience’s trust,
  • increasing their engagement,
  • strengthening your own faith in your business,
  • letting your personality show fully, and
  • standing out from your competition.

Are you ready to align your brand with who you are?

Then you’ll want to book yourself in for my signature branding service that blends a clear, solid strategy and your personality into a sparkling, totally-you brand you can’t wait to share with everyone.

Don't waste time in Canva! Click this image to get your copy of the Brand Clarity Workbook.


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