Fall in love ❤️ with your brand

When you first started your business, you imagined wonderful clients flocking to you… 

DM’ing you on social, finding you on Google, listening to you on big-name podcasts… 

But your dreams were quickly dashed when you realized you’re not entirely sure what it is you’re supposed to talk about or where to even find your dream clients. 

And you cringe every time someone asks you for your website address.

Alex Pemberton smiling from her office desk

You’re looking for someone who can help you figure it all out…

… and make your dreams of attracting keen clients a reality.
(because even big companies don’t do this on their own)

Ta-da… you found me. Hi, I'm Alex.

Brand strategist and designer.

Alex standing on a path at Rock City Gardens.

I’ve been where you are. I started my business, created a logo, picked some pretty colors, and built a website. And a few months later, it all came to a screeching halt as I realized it didn’t actually represent who I was and what I was doing.

Eventually, I realized that branding without a strategy is like building a house on quicksand.

Now, after studying what makes businesses successful and trying multiple approaches, I help solopreneurs get clear about their message and infuse personality into their branding. 

And unlike most brand designers, I start every project by creating a solid strategy to form the bedrock for your brand so your business can flourish. And because I only work with one client at a time, you get my full attention, so we get it all done in 2 weeks.

Officially, you want my help with your branding because…

  • I’ve studied with experienced brand strategists, including Stephen Houraghan and Kaye Putnam, absorbing the depth of their knowledge and insight.
  • As a Certified Master Marketer with a BS in business, I can teach you a few cool things about online business.
  • I’ve been a designer all my life – starting with clothes and jewelry, and eventually translating all those skills to websites and brands.

But really, you’re here because you know in your bones that…

And that’s what I can help you do.

Refined my story.

“My message was vague and muddled. Alex helped me refine my story and now I can speak to my clear values, mission, and IMPACT.”
Paulette Erato
The Maker Muse

Were a fabulous match if

  • You’re all about helping people. Because I am too. (And it’s hard to find common ground with those who only care about money.)
  • Joy is an important part of your life and work. Because the world looks so much nicer through rose-colored glasses, especially when it’s sunny.
  • You’re looking for an expert partner to guide you through the branding process, not someone to take your orders. Because this isn’t Fiverr.
  • My portfolio made your heart go pitter-patter. Because that’s a connection on the soul level, and I love working with kindred spirits.

Fun facts you probably didn’t know about me

If you’re thinking, “ooh, we should get to know each other,” I totally agree.

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